Speech Language Pathology is more than words!

What is Speech?

  • While we call it Speech, the class is truly Speech and Language Therapy. What is that? 


    The overall goal of Speech Therapy is "making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all" (ASHA.org). Speech encompasses any area of communication. This includes, but is not limited to: speech production (articulation of sounds), understanding language (following directions, understanding what other people are saying or asking), and expressive language (sentences long and complex enough to communicate fully.  This also includes fluency (like stuttering), voice difficulties, vocabulary weaknesses, and the ability to use communication to communicate socially. While in schools it is not typically targeted, Speech Language Pathologists are even trained to address swallowing disorders!  


    If your child has been approved for Speech and Language Therapy, sessions will address individualized goals as per your child's IEP. The goal of these services in the school setting is to ensure sure that your student has speech and language skills strong enough to be able to fully access the curriculum in the classroom.


    Please contact the Speech and Language department, including myself, if you have further questions.