Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Sonnenfeld

Well to Physical Education and Health this year. I have been in the district for 5 years now and I come to Build Academy and MST from East HS. I have helped the East Community boys win a state champship just a few years ago. I have coached boys JV basketball at East HS for 3 years as well as varsity baseball   I have 2 younger boys who are big into baseball so we spend alot of time practicing and develpoing good habits to perform at a high level 

This school year we will be starting off different than others, but we will figure it out together and do the best we can. If you provide the effort, I will provide the knowedge you can take with you throughout your academic career.  I look forward to what you can contribute to the class this year. Effort and the willingness to push yourself regardless of the task at hand will make you successful in my classes. 






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