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    Here are some of our students' writer's workshop topic ideas!

    Carmello: toys, house, dog, cars, family, crab legs

    Antwan: basketball, board games, video games, toys, pizza, watching tv

    Isha: toys, outside, food (rice), candy, playground, ice cream

    Jahaad: cars, sister, uncle, dogs, neighbors, chicken

    Laquon: cats, auntie, football, basketball, sister, mom, cousin, dad, dog, neice

    Naije: dinosaurs, pizza, shoes, sharks, Jaylin, dad, blue

    Jacob: playground, happy days, games, friends, vacation, family, toys

    Nadra: turtle, teacher, cookies, bird, sisters, toys

    Monrima: school, art, sister, family, math

    Torri: family, games, toys, playground, friends, vacation

    Salman: brother, backyard, roblox, birds, dad

    Sydney: Ryan and Emerallie, pizza, purple, dancing