Precision Machining Video


    Our Machine Shop at Burgard High School (PS #301) has a wide variety of machines, tools, tool holders and gages that are widely used throughout industry.  The students will learn how to use and adjust these machines and tool holders to make and measure (gage) several projects.


    Pedestal Grinders (7)

    Pedestal Grinders


    Vertical Band Saw

     Vertical Band Saw

    Horizontal Band Saw

    Horizontal Band Saw


    Drill Presses

     Drill Presses


    M300 Harrison Lathes (12)


    Lathes in a Row


    New Bridgeport Mills (6)

    Bridgeport Mill


    Older Bridgeport and Cincinnati Mills (5)

     Older Mills

    Surface Grinders (2)

    Surface Grinders


    CNC Lathes

    CNC Lathe


    CNC Mills

    CNC Mill


    A large variety of tools, tool holders and gages.


    Assorted Tools



    Assorted Lathe Tool Holders

    Lathe Tool Holders


    Micrometer Set

    Micrometer Set (Gages)

    Height Gage

    Height Gage

    Dial Indicator on a Magnetic Holder

    Dial Indicator on a Magnetic Base

    Depth Gage Set

    Depth Gage