School Supplies
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    School Supply List 2021-2022

    Mrs. Eberle– Grade 3 (15:1)


    5 Vinyl (Durable) Folders (Red (1), Green (1), Yellow (2), Blue (1)

    3 Highlighters (Green, Yellow, Pink)


    3 composition notebooks, any colors

     4-6 Glue Sticks

    2 boxes of tissues

    1 book bag to use every day between home and school

    1 pair of headphones


    Classroom Wish List: Every year we seem to run out of these items quite quickly. Please feel free to make any donations of extra supplies throughout the year:

    · Tissues

    · Expo markers

    · Clorox/Lysol wipes


    All students will take Music, Physical Education and Art and will need the following

    supplies, in addition to the teacher supplies listed above.


    Music                             Art                                      Physical Education

    1 folder                  1 package of pencils                            Sneakers