Arts instruction and assessment is guided by curriculum aligned to New York State Arts Standards and is critical in supporting student academic and artistic success. Students must successfully complete one unit of credit in an approved theatre, dance, visual arts, or music course. 


    An advanced designation Regents diploma in visual arts, fine arts, theater, dance, or music can be earned if the student is successful in a HS II Accomplished or HS III Advanced arts sequence.


    Additionally, an Arts Pathways (4+1) is available to all students who participate in an additional Arts course (or sequence) culminating in a NYSED-approved pathway assessment; eligible BPS courses include Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art 2D or 3D, Studio in Drawing & Design, Art History, or Music Theory, or the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts HL/SL course.  Students must earn a minimum score of a 3 on the associated AP exam, or a 3 on the associated Standard Level IB exam, or a 4 on the associated Higher Level IB exam. Successful completion of this pathway substitutes for a social studies Regents exam credit.


    Please note:

    • Some classes are unique to a particular program or school, and a sequence may not be available at every school because of the other programming and curriculum requirements of that school. 
    • Not every class and sequence is offered at every school.
    • Course offerings may change yearly based on student course requests and other factors.