General Tips for Studying Mathematics

  • Go To Class. 

    Remember that math is cumulative. If you don't go to class you will miss important material that will be used in later sections and/or important announcements.

    Listen During Class.

    In order to get something out of the class you need to listen while in class. Often, this can be difficult to do but it is very important. Sometimes important ideas will not be written down on the board, but instead just spoken by the instructor.

    Take Good Notes. 

    Try to write down eDverything that the instructor puts on the board. It may seem easy when watching the instructor, but it often is not so easy when it comes time for you to do it at home. A good set of notes will help remind you how to do these problems. For some instructors, writing down everything may be difficult. In these cases you should try to write down as much as possible.

    Ask Questions.

    If you don't understand something, then ask your instructor. Chances are you are not the only one who doesn't understand.

    Listen When Others Ask Questions.

    When other students ask questions, make sure you listen to both the question and the answer. It may be that the student asking the question thought of something that you didn't think of.

    Review Notes After Class. 

    After each class you should review your notes. Note the topics that you found confusing and formulate questions that you can ask your instructor to help you understand the topic.

    Do Homework After Each Class. 

    At the end of each class plan some time to look over the homework from that days lecture and attempt to do it. Doing this will allow you time to really work at understanding the concepts covered that day. Do not wait until the last minute to do the homework as this often results in an incomplete homework set and/or an incomplete understanding of the concept.

    Seek Help If You Need It. 

    If you are having trouble with your math class you have many options open to you and you should take advantage of them. You can go to your instructor, go to a study room, use online resources or hire a tutor to get help.