Extra Activity - Overtime Process

  • Overtime


    All extra activity, overtime, and summer school statements will need to be submitted on the new extra activity statement of service form provided on the Buffalo Schools website. On the website, please do the following:

    • Click on "Forms" on your left
    • Download the “Extra Activity/Overtime” sheet to complete


    In the extra activity form, there will be four tabs:

    • The first tab (EA OT Procedures) explains how the statement should be completed and submitted. Please review these instructions BEFORE completing the form.
    • The second tab (EA OT Sheet) is the form that will be submitted for processing. Be sure to complete the boxes with the red text in them and add up the total hours. Please make sure the statements are also signed and approved by the Budget or Special Projects offices.
    • The third tab (Pay Types) is the list of commonly used pay types. Please review these pay types and enter the pay type number in the “Pay Type” box on the form. It is important to choose the correct pay type to ensure accurate payment of the employees.
    • The fourth tab (Bargaining Units) is a list of each bargaining unit based on what the employees are. Ex. If you have a sheet filled with teachers, the bargaining unit is 1100. Put the corresponding bargaining unit number in “Bargaining Unit” box.
    • The fifth tab (Pay Periods) is a list of the pay periods throughout the fiscal year. Enter the dates in the date boxes based on the pay period.


    After completing the form, submit the form to the first person who needs to sign it. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, e-signatures will be acceptable for approving the forms. Instructions on completing the extra activity form and how to sign the forms electronically are available to review below under "Related Files".


    IMPORTANT: If your extra activity form needs to be approved by the Budget or the Special Projects offices, please send the forms to those offices BEFORE submitting them to Payroll. Any forms without those signatures will be returned. If their signature isn’t required, they will forward the statements to Payroll accordingly.


    All completed and approved forms will be submitted to ExtraActivity@buffaloschools.org by noon on the Friday of the pay period close for processing.  Please keep in mind that they must be received in payroll with all the appropriate approvals in place by that time in order to ensure processing for the following Friday check date.


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