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    1. Health Insurance Enrollment Form OR 
      1. Waiver Form if you decline to enroll in District Health Insurance 
    2. Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form  
    3. Employee Notification Acknowledgement

    Optional Benefits

    • Pre-Tax Retirement Savings - 403(b) and/or 457(b) Deferred Compensation 
    • Health and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account 
    • Employee Assistance Program
      Failure to return all required forms, completed in their entirety, will result in a processing delay. 


    Health Insurance

    There are 4 premium Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY plans for you to choose from. You may choose to have single or family coverage.  View the eligibility guidelines to determine who can be considered a dependent for family coverage.


    The effective date of the insurance coincides with your hire date unless you submit your completed enrollment forms more than 30 days post your hire date.  Then, your effective date is the first of the following month.


    We are unable to advise in choosing a health insurance plan.  A summary is listed below and a health insurance comparison chart is available for your review.


    Traditional Insurance - There is no network to choose from, so this plan provides flexibility of going to any medical provider.  (It is imperative that I go to Doctor X, no matter what!)


    Plan A may work for an employee/dependent(s) who travels extensively, especially internationally or for someone/dependent who has a unique medical situation for which they need specialized services and/or equipment.  This plan has a $150 single, $300 family deductible (in addition to bi-weekly payroll contribution), which the employee must meet before insurance kicks in.  Please review the services on pages 3 & 4 of the detailed chart that follows, as those tend to require a 20% co-insurance of the cost of the service/procedure/equipment.  This means the District pays 80% of the bill, and the employee is responsible for 20% of the bill (out of pocket maximum is $500 single and $1000 family).


    Point of Service (POS) Insurance – Enrollees must choose from doctors enrolled in the network, or be required to pay co-insurance for the cost of their service.  (It is not imperative that I go to Doctor X, I can find another highly qualified doctor, in my area, that is enrolled in the BCBS network).


    Plans B, C, and D may work for an employee/dependent(s) who generally remains in the Western New York region for the majority of their time, and are not experiencing unique medical situations that need specialized services and/or equipment.  These are generic POS plans, with the majority of services requiring a $15 co-pay, which helps an employee/dependent(s) budget for medical costs for the year (x number of doctor’s visit/year x $15 = out of pocket expenses). 


    Differences between these three plans are Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic Devices, Diabetic Supplies, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Out of Network (travel and specialization).  You are greatly encouraged to review these differences in the comparison chart (above) and ask yourself questions about your current and future health insurance needs in an effort to decide among the three.


    To find out if a doctor is in the BCBS of WNY network, visit:




    2020 - 2021 Health Contributions
    Employee shall contribute to health insurance, at the rate of 10% of the premium over the course of twelve (12) months, through pre-tax payroll deductions, based on your choice of family or single coverage.



    Plan Name Coverage Bi-weekly contribution
    Plan A (Traditional) Single $41.20
      Family $90.60
    Plan B (POS) Single $31.70
      Family $87.60
    Plan C (POS) Single $33.00
      Family $91.10
    Plan D (POS) Single $32.70
      Family $90.30



    Your application will be processed when your appointment is approved by the Board and all completed paperwork and required documentation is received in the Benefits Office.

    Health Insurance Waiver
    If you are receiving health insurance coverage from another source: You are eligible to participate in the Waiver Program, which entitles you to $100 per month in-lieu of health insurance. This benefit is time-sensitive and not retroactive. 

    If you are married to a Board of Education Employee you are only eligible for one family policy. The employee not enrolled in health insurance may take advantage of the Waiver Program by completing the form.  The form is listed as 1a at the top of this webpage.

    Group Life Insurance
    Life Insurance is provided at no cost to you.  You are required to have a form on file to identify your beneficiaries. It is also advisable to update this form periodically as you experience life-changing events.  Life insurance is only provided for the employee and ceases upon separation from the District.


    Employee Notifications
    Learn more about your rights to health insurance and benefits, including detailed information on Employee's Responsibility for Health Insurance, Open Enrollment, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, COBRA, HIPAA, the District's Grandfathered Status of the ACA, the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act, Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act, and Exchange Notice.  Retain this Employee Notification for your records.


    These supplemental benefits are provided by your union. Contact Jeffrey Lathrop, 716-891-4058 or JCLathrop@buffaloschools.org


    403(b) Tax Shelter Annuity or 457 NYS Deferred Compensation Account - All employees are eligible to contribute pre-tax dollars to one or both plans. Contact the company of your choice from the attached list of participating providers.
    Flexible Spending Account - a tax shelter for unreimbursed medical or dependent care expenses. A completed application must be returned within thirty (30) days of your hire date or wait for open enrollment in November.
    Employee Assistance Program - a free and confidential service provided to employees and their families that provides support in resolving personal and professional issues.