Welcome to Room 205

    So happy you are here to join us!

    Here we will tell you all the fun monthly themes we will learn about!





    We will be working on the theme of Laws and Rules. We will discuss the rules at home, at school, and in the community. For our Science experiment, we will examine how seatbelts are helpful to us in a car and help to keep us safe. 



    We will be working on the theme of Motion. We will focus on Push and Pull. We will read books about how things move or go. We will watch videos on YouTube and will determine if the action in the video is a push or a pull motion. 



    We will be working on the theme of History. We will focus on Living in America, Native Americans, and the American Revolution. We will learn about a feast, harvest and discuss the many foods that people grew and ate.




    This month we will learn about Life Science. We will observe seeds and discuss how light, sun and water are important to help a seed grow roots.  The seed will then grow into a plant.  We will discuss how plants can grow into flowers or vegetables.  We will also conduct an experiment that will compare a seed growing in light vs dark.  We will then compare our findings and then determine which helps a plant grow best.