• Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives (CLRI)

    The mission of the Buffalo Public Schools’ Office of CLRI is to share the value and best practices of culturally and linguistically responsive practices in order to support and respond to the growing needs of our diverse student population.


    Teachers-see the following resources from the offie of CLRI


    Black Lives Matter In Schools-Lessons


    Click on the links below to see grade level specific lessons

    BLM Lesson Pre-K

    BLM Lesson Kindergarten

    BLM Lesson Grade 1

    BLM Lesson Grade 2

    BLM Lesson Grade 3

    BLM Lesson Grade 4



    Brownies Books

    The Brownies’ Books are comprised of stories on current events of the era, letters from young readers, and photographs. In 1920, these literary magazines celebrated African American identity, urged racial pride, and encouraged its young readers to aspire to positions of leadership within their communities. Many of the life lessons taught in the books are applicable to the uplift of young people of all races today.

    Link-Brownies Stories PreK-K

    Link-Brownies Stories 1-2

    Link-Brownies Stories 3-4