About Our Program


    Program Objectives


    Our Program provides cultural and academic support to meet the needs of Native American students throughout the district by increasing cultural awareness and identity while providing support to increase parental involvement, attendance, academic achievement and graduation rates.


    Supports and Services include:


    • Academic & cultural support,
    • District wide events & activities,
    • Resources for district staff,
    • Classroom presentations,
    • Daily Cultural Instruction,
    • Seneca Language Instruction,
    • College & Career Readiness Support,
    • Mentoring and
    • High School Youth Group




    Support is provided throughout the school by our programs Resource Cultural Specialists and Teacher Aide. At the elementary level, students in our supported buildings are provided with academic support, as well as, lessons and activities on Native American CULTURE, TRADITIONS, LIFESTYLES, VALUES, AND LANGUAGE (MOHAWK/SENECA). At the high school level, students are provided with academic support, mentoring and college and career readiness support.


    Our program staff also provide support services based on individual student needs. Services include drop-out preventive measures, attendance checks, personal guidance, referrals to community agencies for social, medical, legal, or employment needs.


    Additionally, program staff serve as a resource to teachers and students throughout the school district.