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        Over the last few years as  a Helping Teacher with Staff Development Department to support and provide Technology help was established for the purpose/s of improving Teachers performance by interfacing with the Professional Growth System (PGS). One focus is to help facilitate the integration of technology into teaching and learning by developing and conducting professional development sessions on infusing technology into the core areas of academic curriculum; input and recommendations regarding and both National and BPS district technology plans; and providing input/insight on ways to increase teachers’ use of Professional Growth System (PGS) and technology as it positively impacts student performance in the classroom.
    The BPS Instructional Technology website
    provides ready to use
                                           technology resources and information



    Need Computer Help

    Put a ticket in as soon as the problem happens.


    Online Computer Help Desk:
    If you need help with a computer, software, printers, training, or networking, please go to the online computer help desk and fill out a request. The request will be sent immediately to the right department to help you.  (Click the Online Computer Help Desk link on the left if you need help filling out a request)

    If you have a quick question or would like to schedule training or would like me to work with you during specific classes, please email me at to arrange a time.

    For emergencies please call 816-3510





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