• Welcome to the Webpage for music classes for grades 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and the Falk School

    Dear Panther Families,

    Welcome to music class and the 2021-22 school year at Harvey Austin School 97. I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. I am thrilled to be returning to in-person instruction for all students. The last year and a half streched the limits of innovation and creativity in terms of music education for your children. I somehow found ways to listen to, write about, discuss, make, and create music with students both remotely and with a small group of in-person students concurrently. I look forward to the opportunity to take these innovations even further with the addition of the human connection that is the heart of music. 

    Instruction:  Grades 7 and 8: Three classes per 6-day cycle

                         Grades 1, 4, 6; Two classes per 6-day cycle

    Curriculum: Music students in all grades will have units on music history, rhythm, notation, as well as the opportunity to sing, rap, and perform on instruments. We also study music from many different countries and cultures. 

    Schedule:  The 2021-22 music class schedule will be coming soon!

    Grading: Music is a graded course, and students’ grades will reflect the criteria for success which often includes engagement in class activities, growth and progress, and overall achievement on class projects and assignments. Tests and quizzes may also be occassionally given. 


    -Be Safe: Stay in assigned seat and keep hands/feet to yourself

    -Be Responsible: Participate in all class activities and give your best on all assignments

    -Be Respectful towards teacher/classmates at all times


    Mr. Hughes' Contact Information:

    Phone: 716-816-4460 

    Email: ahughes@buffaloschools.org