BPS Teacher Webpage Design II


"Digital Imaging

 for BPS Teachers'

Web Pages"


•    This class has been designed to help create eye catching webpages. The main focus will be on the
     Digital imaging is a major part in developing a good sound webpage.
•    This course will cover not just photo imaging but text imaging,also.
•    We expect that you will build a stronger and better understanding
      of webpage design.


Ok, How do we define our home page?  

1.    Use your home page headline to communicate your site’s underlying value                     proposition.
2.    Use some short introductory text to clarify and expand on your headline. 
3.    Make your first-time visitors feel comfortable and            confident.
4.    Help visitors find what they are looking for. *

* http://www.excessvoice.com

How to take and develop good digital images                 The image was taken using the rule of thirds.

•    With defined text and content on your home page, you still have to give the viewer something to catch his or her imagination. You know, "I’m looking at this page and I want to know what this is all about?" That’s where the digital image or images comes in.

•    This class will develop knowledge of histograms, resolution, raw storage, white balance and the rule of thirds. These are the keys to understanding good digital imaging.

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