Weekly Assignments

  • Each week, assignments will be posted to my Google Classroom link (this link can be found below, on Schoology, and on Dojo). This link will always contain the assignments, but it will change weekly.


    Mrs. Farrell's Classroom


    To hand in daily/weekly assignments, your child will submit their work on Schoology for a grade. The following assignments will be collected and graded each week beginning the week of September 21st:


    1. Lexia Core 5 Minutes (this is done directly in the app; no assignment needs to be submitted--they will just have to complete their assigned time within the app)


    2.Assigned Reader's Notebook page (one per day, uploaded to Schoology)


    3. One IVF per week due on Fridays (uploaded to Schoology)


    4. Two vocabulary sheets per day (one for ELA, one for Social Studies, uploaded to Schoology)


    5. Two Read Works articles per week (due by Friday, uploaded to Schoology)


    There will be additional assignments along the way, but I will give plenty of notice prior to the due date, as well as an explanation of the assignment. Homework will NOT be given during remote instruction, since all of their work is being completed at home.


    As always, please call, text or email me any questions or concerns you may have!