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    Regents Earth Science Course

    Expectations & Syllabus

    Mr. Wilcott: mwilcott@buffaloschools.org

    Mr. Berzon: mberzon@buffaloschools.org

    Course website: schoology.buffaloschools.org


    General Information:

    • For the foreseeable future class is 100% remote and virtual.
    • Log in to our TEAMS every day that we are Synchronous or “Live”
    • Make-up work is your responsibility on classes missed; contact me ASAP to get what you’ve missed. Homework is due the day you come back from an absence, unless you’ve made prior arrangements.  
    • Asynchronous days or “non-live” days I will also have the TEAMS room open to ask questions.






    Classwork - 20%


    Required Materials:


    Your Brain --- ask me questions every single time you have one.  You have so many ways to ask me a question (Teams, chat room, text, email, Schoology message)!

    Earth Science Reference Tables- See “Essential Class Information” folder in Schoology


    *This syllabus is subject to change at any time through the year.


    A General Course Outline


    Intro to Technology and Covid-19 Information

    Prologue- Observations & measurements

    Models & Measuring Earth- Maps, latitude and longitude, shape of Earth



    Astronomy- Earth’s motions, seasons, phases of the moon, stars/galaxies/the universe



    Dynamic Atmosphere - Climate Change, Greenhouse Effect, Insolation and Seasons


    Weather & Climate- Meteorology, weather maps, climate and climate change

    Mid-February - May:

    Rocks & Minerals- Mineral identification, rock types, rock cycle

    The Dynamic Crust- Plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes

    Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, Soils & Landscapes

    Earth History- Fossils, absolute and relative age, radioactive decay


    May - June:



    Once all of the above units are complete, we will begin reviewing for the Regents lab performance test, final exam, and Regents exam.