• Hi Everyone,

    Please join me in Google Classroom on A days at 12:05 for Art. Assignments are posted in the Art folder.




     September Assignment

         I'm Mrs.Coppins and I'll be your Art teacher. I look forward to getting to see you all soon! I'd like to hear about how you like to be creative and what your favorite art materials are. This month we will getting to know eachother. We will be playing Pictionary for our first couple of classes. There are no assignments yet, other than to be ready with paper and a drawing tool for when we have our virtual art class.  If you'd like to, please visit some of the links on my teacher page and take a virtual museum tour or listen to an art themed song. You can also try my optional September Art Challenge below. 


    September Art Challenge- Scavenger Hunt Fun

    Listen to the Roy G. Biv song   


    Draw how you think Roy G. Biv could look. 

    Take a Rainbow Color Scavenger Hunt.

    Can you find  individual objects indoors or outside that are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet? 

    Take a picture of the items with a phone and send it to me. This is the one I did.Rainbow Svavenger Hunt

    My email is acoppins@buffaloschools.org thanks!