• ELA testing that your child will take this school year at #61:

    • NYS ELA Assessment (Grades 3 & 4)
    • DIBELS & DBA


    In addition, School 61 has a Support Reading Teacher who works with your child to help him/her develop the skills necessary to become a successful reader. 

    Every month, our students take home a form for The Principal’s Reading Club.  We encourage the students to complete the log, so that we may recognize and honor them at the Awards Ceremonies. Additionally, these students will be called down to the library and be given a gold coin to be used to purchase a book in our Book Vending Machine. 


    Reading at home is essential to the students’ academic growth.  Research shows that students that read 20 minutes a day will learn 1,800,000 new words per year.  Please assist us by reinforcing the message that reading is not a chore, but rather a gift we can give to ourselves over and over.


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