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    Check Out These VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS for Elementary School Students!


    Buffalo Botanical Gardens: #ConnectWithNature 

    Botanical Gardens are places of peace, harmony and connection with nature. Please join us and other Botanical Gardens and Arboretums across the country as we share the beauty of the natural world.


    San Diego Zoo

    Students can learn exciting animal facts, explore exhibits in real time, and play fun games and activities.


    The Great Wall of China

    This panoramic tour allows you to walk through one of the oldest and most historically significant wonders of the world.


    The Monterey Bay Aquarium

    This virtual tour allows students to go on a deep-sea adventure through exhibit webcams that allow students to watch sea creatures in real time. 


    Farm Tours

    Learn how dairy products are made, see farmers harvest fruit or eggs, and even explore specialty farms like an emu or deer ranch.


    Access Mars: A WebVR Experience

    With virtual tours, even the sky isn’t your limit. Thanks to NASA’s Curiosity rover, you can explore the surface of Mars in a 360-degree view while learning about space exploration.


    NASA STEM @ Home for Students Grades K-4

    See It! Build It! Solve It! Launch It! Color It! Play It! Read It!