• The video links below are science instructional videos created by Buffalo Public School Teachers under the production guidance of BeEnriched. A summary matrix of the video collection is available here.

  • Music - Enhance Grade 1 Topic 1 Sound with this lesson on music.

     music  Veronica S. John - Music Teacher from Discovery School #67


    The Moon - Students will learn about the Moon and the phases of the Moon.

    moon  Stephanie Finn - BPS Science Department TOSA


    Convection Currents -  Students are introduced to convection currents and how convection currents are formed. A model of a convection current is demonstrated. 

    convection currents  Stephanie Finn - BPS Science Department TOSA


    NYS Skills Requirement – Density - Students will participate in a lab activity to calculate the density of an object after determining  the objects mass and volume. Students will then be able to verify if an object can sink or float in water given the density of water and the density of the object.

     density  Brooke Woods - Science Teacher from Harriett Ross Tubman School P.S. 31


    Earth Science – Rock Cycle and Weathering - Students will observe modeling of the rock cycle in order to identify the process that cause the formation of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.

    rock cycle  Kathryn Agen - Science Teacher from International Preparatory School P.S. 198


    Earth Science/Environmental Science – The Greenhouse Effect - Students will observe a lab activity that demonstrates the effect of adding carbon dioxide on air temperature.

    greenhouse effect Michael Lovullo - Science Teacher from International Preparatory School P.S. 198


    Earth Science – Air Pressure and the Connection to Weather - Students will learn about air pressure and how it is measured. Differences between high and low atmospheric pressure and the effect that air pressure differences have on weather is emphasized.

    air pressure and weather Kurt Minervino - Science Teacher from City Honors School P.S. 195


    Earth Science – Erosion - Students will explore the processes associated with stream systems by collecting and analyzing data from an actual small-scale erosional-depositional system in order to identify patterns in the relationship between water velocity and stream erosion or deposition.

    erosion Samantha Stone - Science Teacher from International Preparatory School P.S. 198


    Chemistry – Types of Chemical Reactions - Students identify and differentiate between four types of chemical reactions: synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement.

    chemical reactions Dana Pryor-Moncrieffe - Science Teacher from Frederick Law Olmsted P.S. 156


     Field Trip #2 – Olmsted Parks, Broderick Park, Tifft Nature Preserve, and Waterkeepers - This virtual field trip to Tifft Nature Preserve, Olmsted Parks, Broderick Park, and Buffalo Waterkeepers introduces the students to the various unique features of each local treasure. This includes tree species, food chains/webs, local flora and fauna, invasive and indigenous species, protection of our local waterways, and conservation of our environment.

    Field Trip 2 Hosted by Michele Agosto - Buffalo Public Schools Director of Arts


    Field Trip #4 – Buffalo Museum of Science - The first 10 minutes of this video focuses on the Buffalo Museum of Science. Exhibits of interest during this visit include: Rethink Extinct, The Golden Mummies of Egypt, and Bugs.

    Field Trip 4 Hosted by Michele Agosto - Buffalo Public Schools Director of Arts