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    Open Letter to Parents
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    The New York State Education Department provides parents the opportunity to have their children instructed at home(Part 100.10 Commissioner’s Regulations). The opportunity to home school is an option available to parents of K-12 students who feel that educating their child outside of the traditional school setting is the preferred method of instruction.

    As per 100.10 of the Commissioner’s Regulations,  parents/guardians must annually provide written notice to the Superintendent of their intention to instruct their child at home by July 1st of each school year.  If parents/guardians choose to provide home instruction after the start of the school year, written notice to the Superintendent must be provided within fourteen (14) days following the commencement of home instruction. Assessment of such intentions and additional documentation necessary to maintain compliance(i.e. Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP), Quarterly Reports, Annual Assessments) are managed by the Office of Home Schooling.

    The request is for an entire school year, September through June. Intent to Home School letters and IHIP will be accepted throughout the school year.

    If you feel that home schooling your child is an option that you would like to consider, please carefully read the information found in NYS Regulations below. Additional helpful information can be found in the other tabs at the top of this page.

    If you  would like to ask questions about the process or receive support with completing the required paperwork, please send an email to BPSHomeSchooling@buffaloschools.org

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    If you feel that HOME SCHOOLING your child is an option that you would like to consider, please click on the buttons below and carefully read the information found in Related Files.
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