Classroom News

  • Dear Drew Family,

    As we are heading to the end of May, we are beginning to review for the end of year testing. Yes , that time where data needs to be collected. Please take time to review all the Magic Penny friends: characters, letters, and sounds, numbers one to 20, beginning of word sounds, segmenting of words, and sounding out words.

    Dear Drew Family,

    Hope everyone is safe and well. We are getting close to Easter and Spring break, and this is the time when our little kiddos start reading and sounding out words. Please have your child try to sound out three letter CVC words such as cat, bat and big. have them say each sound slowly and then have them say it faster until they can figure out the word, Please read to your child daily. Thank you.

    Welcome Drew Family Members,

    I am so excited to be working with you and your children this year!!! Even though we are still dealing with Covid, I am glad to see your children in school! We are going to have alot of fun this year, I hope you all read my intro and have learned about me. 

    I would like to remind parents that we will not be able to come into the building for health and safety reasons. Also all children will have to wear their masks daily for the whole day. I will be giving them mask breaks during the day. 

    Please make sure to child their bags and folders daily. There will be alot of infromation being sent home over the next few weeks. 


    May News: 

    We are heading towards the end of the year and we have alot of work ahead of us. To start with we are getting ready with our virtual Pre-K Year End Celebration. We are practicing our songs daily so we can get them down before the big day!!!! 

    Also we are begining our Magic Penny Testing. I have started a few and am so proud of how much your children have learned!!!

    Please make sure that your little ones log on everyday and log onto your apps. 

    February News:

    Hello and there is much to celebrate this month. We will be celebrating and decussing Black History Month, Chinese New Years (Year of the Ox), Valentine's day and President's day. Please remember we will be off the week of February 15 to Febraury 21. 

    Welcome back to all the students who are joining us back at school and for those of you at home we will be still seeing you on line. 

    Istation Testing needs to be completed online by Friday February 26, 2021.

    Once again thank you for all the support and help you give us with your child's education.


    January News:

    Welcome back and Happy New Years!!!! We are now getting ourselves ready to head back into the classroom next month. Please remember that if you would like to keep your child at home that you fill out that form on the BTF website. If you are in need of any help with that please let me know. If you are sending your child to school please fill out the bus forms. Again if you need help please let me know.

    December News:

    I hope this finds you all safe and well! I know the stress of online learning and the demands of many upcoming holdays can be alot of stress, so I hope that you and your families are all taking a moment to stop and breath and are tring to keep balance in your lives! Self help is so important!


    November News:

    I hope all are remaining safe!!! We will be doing Istation Testing with your students. We are going to need your help parents with aiding your child on the ipads to get to the testing. See the directions on Class Dojo. They should be helpful!!!!!

    October News: Boo! This new is not ment to scare you!!!! This month has alot going on. Please join us for our parent's meeting about possible returning could look like. See Class Dojo for times. Also starting Monday October 26 to Friday October 30 is Spirit Week. Events are as follows: Monday-Cultural Awareness Day, Tuesday- Hats, hair and hoodie Day, Wednesday- Pajama Day, Thursday- Jersey Sports Day, and Friday- Costume/ Dragon (Purple/gray) day! Dress up your child online and join in on the fun!!!! 

    September News:

    Welcome to 2020-2021!!! This is a new and exciting year!!! I know that is going to be new for all of us to be learing to thru technology. But don't worry, we will get thru this together!! Our main goal to to help our little churbs and help them learn!!



    Welcome back everyone!!!! are so excited to meet all of your children. School will be starting on Friday the 6th of September. We are sending home yellow folders the first day of school with sheet that need to be filled out for the office. The next day your child will recieve a green "go" home folder. This folder is their folder for the year, so please return them daily. If you have any questions please email me at or call me at 816-4120.

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