• Welcome to the Buffalo Public Schools Elementary Application Process for the 2021-2022 School Year


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    Buffalo Public Schools is a district of "Choice" with 41 elementary schools that offer families a wide variety of educational programs designed to meet the academic interest and needs of students. The Schools of Choice process maximizes choices for parents and their children by enabling them to choose from any school in the District. Families have the option to apply to a school down the street from their home or anywhere in the city that they are eligible for and where seats are available.



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    Steps to the Elementary Application Process 

    Important! Please read each step of the Application Process. Review "Step1" and "Step2" before completing the application on "Step3".



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    Application Information



    In this section you will learn:

    • Application Guidelines
    • Age Requirements
    • Preferences: Sibling, Proximity, Community Schools, and Attendance Boundary

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    step 2

    Learn about BPS Elementary Schools and Programs:


    In this section you will find the following:

    • Schools and Program Codes to which your child is eligible to apply
    • Schools' address
    • Uniform policy
    • Schools’ start and end times
    • Program Code Glossary

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    APPLICATION TIP: Write down your school choices and program codes in order of preference on a sheet of paper. You will need this information when you select your schools/programs in Step 3.

    Note: If the incorrect program code is selected for any of your school choices, that choice will not be considered.




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    Complete Application Online or Via Paper





        Do you have your list of school  and program codes in order of preference?




    Online Application

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    Paper Application


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    APPLICATION TIP: If the student did not previously attend another school, please state "home" in the "Name of the school currently attending" application field. 

    Note: All paper applications must be delivered to Central Registration, 33 Ash Street, Buffalo, New York 14204 - Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.





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           Students applying to Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts must additionally complete

    ALL next three items:


    --Submit a Recommendation Form--

    (Printable Version)

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    --Submit a Teacher Evaluation Form--

    (Printable Version)

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    --Schedule an Audition--

    (BAVPA Website)

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    Student Placement & Registration will run random computerized lotteries to fill seats in grades 3Y – 8. Assignment and wait pool letters will be mailed to families in early Summer 2021 for applications submitted on or before March 19, 2021.


     Note: If you are interested in applying to a Charter School, you will need to contact that school directly.