Research Resources

  • Introduction to Library Research--Overview of the Research Process

    From Indiana University, this guide will assist students in understanding library reseach and the research process. Outstanding visual representations will support users' comprehension of the content.


    Search Strategies Guide

    This concise guide from Binghamton University will assist users in developing search strategies when doing research. The guide summarizes how to understand and generate keywords, types of information needed for various topics, and tips and tricks students can use to produce search results appropriate to their needs.


    Self-Guided Research Tutorial

    From Indiana University, this in-depth self-guided tutorial will walk users through the entire research process.  While useful for all students, it is best suited for advanced users due to it's depth . Notable for it's interactive nature.


    What is Research Video Summary

    This short video provides an overview of the six-step research process. Suitable as an introduction to the research process.