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    The following are NOT acceptable reasons for student transfers: Low academic student achievement, disciplinary challenges, multiple suspensions, home relocation, distance to school, or teacher/school administrator conflicts with student or family.


    • All required and supporting documentation (current within the last 60 days) substantiating the request must be submitted with the application.
    • Student must attend his/her current school pending transfer request approval or denial.
    • Transfers may not be requested into criteria-based schools.
    • Only the principal of Academy School #131 may submit a student transfer request for a student attending that school.
    • Approved transfers are based on; (1) applicant meeting established criteria and, (2) seat availability.
    • Approved transfers carry a one-year commitment.
    • Transfer applications that are not approved are voided at the close of the school year in which they were submitted.


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    Sibling Preference Transfers (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 only)

    Sibling preference transfers may be requested when siblings(s) [brother(s) or sister(s)], living in the same household, attend different schools in Pre-Kindergarten to grade 8 only:

    • Sibling(s) name and current school(s) must be written on the application.


    Medical Transfers

    Medical Transfers may be requested when a student’s continued presence in his/her school assignment constitutes a medical risk that will be lessened at another school:

    • Documentation must be submitted from a Medical Doctor on appropriate letterhead.
    • Medical documentation must clearly explain the condition and why a transfer will assist the student.
    • Medical transfers are granted based on the medical needs of the student, not the parent/guardian.


    Safety/Welfare Transfers

    Safety/welfare transfers may be requested if there is clear evidence that a student is the victim of a violent criminal offense on school property or when his/her continued presence in the school is unsafe:

    • A written narrative from parent/caregiver and substantiating documentation must be provided regarding the unsafe condition including; court documents, order of protection, police reports, or letters of verification from hospitals.


    Hardship Transfers

    Hardship transfers are reviewed on a case-by-case basis:

    • Documentation must clearly demonstrate an unusual circumstance, such as childcare challenges, natural disaster, domestic abuse, incarceration of a parent, etc.
    • A detailed explanation substantiating the hardship must be provided; for example, statement from employer, indicating parent/caregiver work hours on business letterhead or a letter from a daycare provider indicating hours of operation that conflict with school start and end times.



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    A transfer can be revoked or denied if there is incomplete or fraudulent information provided or, if a student does not meet the criteria for a transfer.



    sped transfers

    Transfer requests for students with disabilities requiring a special class placement should visit 33 Ash Street, Room 119, Buffalo, NY 14204 or call (716) 816-4746 for assistance.



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    To request a transfer please stop by Central Registration - 33 Ash St. Buffalo, NY 14204