• First click HERE.  Then click "Sign up" (Its in Blue in the Upper Right).  Then click; "I'm A Student".  Then click; "Sign up with EdPuzzle". 

    Now enter your class code and click; "Next" (Class codes are in RED below)

    Period 2 use: ushafpa

    Period 4 use: gorekar

    Period 7 use: neczaja

    Period 8 use: zevpuin

    Enter your REAL first name,

    Your REAL last name,

    For your username enter your 900 number (The username you log onto your computer with)

    For your password, enter the password you log onto the computer with.

    Now click; "Join Class"

    Congrats!  You've joined!


    Now do the first video, called; "Poor Kids 1"