• FAQ: Travel Requests

    The Purchase Department is the designated District department to administer staff travel policies and procedures. All staff, traveling at District (i.e. taxpayer) expense, regardless of funding source, is required to use the most economical and appropriate means of travel. Staff is expected to exercise practical consideration when expending District resources, and shall be considered directly responsible for the appropriate use of travel funds.

    ***All District travel requires the approval of the Chief Financial Officer and Superintendent.***

    ✈  What is the District's Travel Policy?

    Most questions regarding conference fees, securing lodging, meal expenses, ground transportation, booking of airfare/trains can be answered by reviewing the Buffalo Board of Education Travel Guidelines.

    ✈  How Do I Submit a Travel Request?

    Travel requests must be made using the BPS Travel Request Form located in the Document Library > Policies & Procedures > Forms: Travel. Submit your request at least 45 days before the scheduled departure. Requests will be rejected if there is no conference itinerary (or other written communication) confirming the event dates and details attached to your e-mail submission.


    See: Electronic Travel Request Approval Process