• Today we play a graded game.  You MUST use Edge (chrome will not work)

    Click HERE

    Click "I'm a student"

    Then enter: 56854 for the classroom ID and click the little arrow at the right.

    Enter your REAL first name and initials and it will create a username for you.

    BUT change it to your 900#

    And the password MUST be something you remember, with a capital, a lower case, a number and a special character (!@#$%^&*).

    This is hard unless you use your school password and add: P$ in front.  That way, your password is memorable and meets all the requirements.  If you set it differently, you're on your own.  And we will play over several days, so do it right!

    After all this, click "sign up" and play!

    Its actually sorta fun.  Enjoy!