• When your child is referred to the CPSE, you will be given a list of agencies approved by the State Education Department to provide preschool special education evaluations. You will be asked to select one of the approved evaluators, then sign a consent form for your child to be evaluated at no cost to you or your family.

    • The CPSE will also give you a copy of the due process procedural safeguards notice. If your child's evaluation is not timely or, if you disagree with the evaluation results or the recommendation of the CPSE, you have the right to ask for an independent evaluation, mediation or an impartial hearing.

    • A copy of the evaluation report, including a summary of the evaluation, will be provided to you and to other CPSE members. You will be asked to meet with them to talk about the evaluation results. At that meeting, we will determine if your child meets the criteria to be classified as a preschool student with a disability. If your child meets that criteria, we will determine which services are needed to help your child meet his/her goals. 

    • If the CPSE finds your child is not eligible for special education programs and/or services, you will be given the reasons for the decision in writing.
  • Approved Erie County Evaluating Agencies 

    1. Buffalo Public Schools

    2. Baker Victory Services

    3. Bornhava

    4. Buffalo Hearing and Speech

    5. Hearing and Speech of WNY

    6. Therapeutic Link for Children

    7. Cantalician Center for Learning

    8. ECMC

    9. Liberty POST

    10. Diversified Children's Rehad Services

    11. Aspire

    12. The ARC Erie County

    13. The Children's League

    14. Gateway-Longview