• C.I.T.T. 


    Device Collection Process


    In preparation for the 2021-2022 school year, the Instructional Technology Department will need to collect, refurbish, and update all student laptops, iPads and hotspots. This is required regardless of whether students have returned to campus or remained fully virtual. There are approximately 31,000 student devices currently assigned to students in grades PK-12, and this collection process will require the cooperation and assistance of all District personnel, students, and families. It is critical that IT has time and opportunity to service each device in order to make sure they are operational for September. Devices that have not been reconfigured will not work with updated systems in the fall. *Please note that schools should collect, label and store student headphones for use in the 2021-22 school year. IT will not collect these.


    Students enrolled in summer school will keep their assigned devices until the end of the summer school program.


    For families that are unable to turn in their devices at their respective schools on the dates identified, the Center for Innovation, Technology and Training at 1515 South Park Ave will offer drive-thru drop off services at the following times:



    The IT department will be sending a letter to each household to communicate this information to families. There are several elements of this process that must be carefully documented relative to each student.

    • What device was turned in (tag number and serial number)

    • Who turned in the device? (Name/relationship)

    • Who was the device assigned to? (Student name, grade, 900 number)

    • All accessories must be accounted for (including chargers and keyboards and cases where applicable)

    • The physical condition of the device must be noted with immediate documentation of any and all damage.


    IT will provide each school with individual forms to document the above for each student. Receipts will be provided to families documenting what was returned.