• Procurement Steps: FAQ

    IMPORTANT:The District is subject to many State and Federal laws relative to the procurement of materials and services. The Board has established a procurement policy to comply with those laws, and has designated a Director of Purchase to supervise the procurement process. Individual departments and departmental staff should not take any procurement action (obtain quotes, meet with potential vendors, or otherwise perform the duties of Purchase Department staff), unless directed to do so by the Purchase Department. Further, vendors should not be directed to start work without Board approval, and the issuance of a Purchase Order or executed contract, where applicable.

    ***You cannot obtain goods or services from any vendor outside of the Procurement Steps.***


    What are the Procurement Steps?


    1. Obtain an approved budget line in the general fund or a grant budget.
    2. Enter a Munis requisition to request the Purchase Department begin the procurement process as soon as possible.
    3. Follow instructions from the Purchase Department with respect to: i) the procurement method, ii) the required documentation, and iii) approval steps. Procurement methods include:
      1. Supplies and materials costing over $20,000 should be subject to a Formal Bid and subsequent Board approval. (Where applicable, OGS (State Contract or mini-bid) or cooperative purchasing agreements may be utilized in lieu of a public bid.)
      2. Software and professional services costing over $20,000 should be subject to a Request for Proposal (RFP) and subsequent Board approval, followed by contract execution.
      3. Purchases under $20,000 are subject to informal quotations handled by the Purchase Department based on size and type of item. See the Competitive Bidding Requirements chart in the Document Library for details.
      4. Emergency Purchases under $20,000 are subject to Director of Purchase approval, with the Superintendent approving emergencies over $20,000. (See: Emergency Orders FAQ for more info.)
      5. All other procurement methods are subject to recommendation by the Director of Purchase in advance of any procurement action.
    4. Obtain necessary approvals - once a vendor selection has been made per the above steps, obtain Board approval (if expected to exceed over $20,000), execute a contract (primarily for professional services), and obtain a Purchase Order from the Purchase Department. Only then direct a vendor to begin work.
    • Requisitions are requests and not guarantees that an order will be placed.
    • Purchase Orders constitute the acceptance of a bid, resulting in a contract/award of purchase.