COVID-19 Testing

  • BPS will test 10% of consented students (Ages 2 and up) and staff weekly. Buffalo HomeCare will be facilitating our school's weekly testing.

    The following message was sent to all caregivers from the district:

    Dear Parents, Caregivers, and School Staff:

    Numbers of COVID-19 cases in the City of Buffalo are continuing to increase! The tentative start date for the new COVID-19 testing program is December 13, 2021.

    COVID-19 testing is a great way to monitor and contain the spread of the virus.  The Buffalo Public Schools in partnership with the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH), Buffalo Homecare, Inc., and Quadrant Biosciences, Inc. Laboratory is pleased to offer high quality on school site optional COVID-19 random surveillance testing.

    COVID-19 testing will be for any staff or student who consents to participate, regardless of their vaccination status. 

    Testing will occur weekly and will consists of a random selection of 10% of the consenting school population. This program uses an oral (mouth) PCR test swab that will be gentle, minimally invasive, and can be self-collected by the person being tested.

    Anyone vaccinated or unvaccinated who consents can be tested in the surveillance testing program. Prior to this tentative start date, if you choose to participate in the optional testing program, please follow the steps outlined below by ECDOH, in order to ensure that you are correctly enrolled in this program.

    Step 1: Watch the ECDOH Program Overview Presentation:

    Step 2: Register with and complete the Quadrant Program Consent Form:

    It is important to note that our testing program will not fulfill the New York State Department of Health’s requirement for unvaccinated staff to be tested weekly.

    Thank you for working with us to quickly re-establish a school testing program to help fulfill our goal of keeping our buildings safe and open for instruction.




    **Helpful Hints when completing the online consent:

    • The link to use for consenting is
    • If you are completing this for multiple children, we need a consent for EACH child completed (please complete for each child you are consenting to test)
    • The email address you use will receive a verification code when you begin to register
    • If you would like to skip the Social Security Number, then select you wish to not respond to this question (this is not a mandated question)
    • If you would like to skip the Health Insurance question, you can select that you do not have health insurance (this is not a mandated question)
    • You can use the same email address for all children you complete a consent for
    • The school’s address is 780 Parkside Ave. Buffalo, NY 14216
    • When completing this for a student, their occupation is a full-time student


    Additional Notes:

    • ECDOH is selecting the random 30% of staff and students for weekly testing
    • The school will be notified the week prior with what individuals were selected
    • NPCS will send home a letter in your child’s take-home folder to notify you if your child was selected to be tested along with the date and time of their testing
    • Tested individuals cannot eat or drink for 30 minutes prior to their test
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