• Puerto Rican History and Culture

    Curriculum Timeline




                    The Office of CLRI and the Western New York Hispanic Heritage Council teamed up to develop an all-new Puerto Rican History and Culture Course. Buffalo Public teachers served on a committee to help develop units and write lessons that highlight important Puerto Rican history, influential art and architecture from Puerto Rico, and the incorporation of Puerto Rican culture into the thread of the United States' development and society.

                    This unique course is offered in select schools for the 2021-2022 school year and is open to any 11th and 12th-grade student as a social study elective.   This full-year course is divided into ten units. The units focus on history such as the Taino people of Puerto Rico, the enslavement of Africans who were taken to the island of Puerto Rico against their will, the arrival of the Spanish, the educational system in Puerto Rico, the incorporation of Puerto Rico to the United States, street art, music, dance, the Puerto Rican influence on Buffalo, NY, and much more.


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