The BPS Virtual Learning Program is designed to help students meet graduation requirements. Students are enrolled in a web-based learning environment, facilitated by a NYS certified Buffalo Public School teacher. The program expands course offerings and offers students the ability to make-up credits. The content are acertified teacher maintains regular and substantive interaction with students as per NYSED Part 100.5(d)Commissioner’s Regulations. 



    School counselors can request student enrollment in a district-approved credit accrual course.  Credit accrual is limited to seniors who are unable to take the brick-and-mortar class.  The administrator overseeing virtual learning must approve the use of the accrual course before enrollment can occur.  The school provides a content area certified teacher to supervise the student’s progress through the course.





    Credit Recovery allows students to make up credits for courses not successfully passed. Credit recovery programs help students stay in school and graduate on time.