• Classroom Behavior



    This year your child will have a magnet to use for our behavior system.  The magnet will start every day on green.  Students should strive to remain on green.  Every day is a new day! We all have off days, so please go over the rules often and discuss acceptable behavior with your child.  Check your child's Take Home Folder daily, his/her behavior will be marked inside.




    Green is a great day - no rules brokenTraffic Light 2


    Yellow is an Okay day - one or two rules broken and reminders were given


    Red is an unhappy day - with more than two rules broken and several reminders given


    Blue is a sad day - a note will be sent home to be signed by parent/guardian and returned the next day.  A phone call will be made to parent/guardian.






    Classroom Rules



    Classroom Rules


    1.  We will keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.

    2.  We will raise our hand to talk.

    3.  We will raise our hand to get out of our seat.

    4.  We will be KIND to others.














    Verbal Praise


    Free Time

    Prize Picks









    ConsequencesTime Out



    Thinking Chair/Time Out

    Loss of Recess Time

    Phone Calls Home

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