2021-2022 Digital Equity Survey (DES)

  • NYSED is requiring all school districts in the state to collect and report digital equity data from parents.  We have assigned these surveys to all BPS students in eDoctrina.


    Parents, you can go in to complete the survey one of two ways: 

    • You can log in to your scholar’s eDoctrina account and complete the survey, OR
    • you can complete an eDoctrina bubble sheet and send it back to school with your scholar. 

    Please do not do both.


    Parents must complete the survey for each child in the household. For example, if there are three children in the family who are attending a Buffalo Public School, you must complete the survey three times either through each child’s eDoctrina account or by completing a bubble sheet for each child. This survey must be completed again any time you move throughout the course of the school year.


    Thank you so much for assisting the district with completing this mandated requirement. 


Support Documents for Parents

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.