November Highlights

  • We had a blast stopping by Riverside Academy’s Saturday Academy on November 13th. We loved walking in the door and hearing the DJ Brei providing the soundtrack for the day. Families got to participate in a number of activities including making slime, yoga, Engineering 4 Kids, Buffalo String Works, and more!


    Riverside 11.13

  • West Hertel’s November 13th Saturday Academy was packed with activities for the family. Henna tattoos for the family, Taw Kaon Do lessons, lessons from Upscale Beauty, rocket making, and so much more!


    West Hertel 11.13

  • This past Saturday, November 13th was PS 99 Makowski IB World School's World Kindness Day event. This Saturday Academy showcased the IB Learner Profile, Principled. According to this learner profile, our Makowski Bees strive to be students that "act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice, and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups, and communities. They take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them." In short, at Makowski we strive to bee kind to everyone, always! 

    Despite the weather, we were joined by 60 parents, students and community members, many of whom were families that also joined us at our last couple of events! They all participated in various activities that taught them how to be kind to themselves and others. Our very own Superintendent, Dr. Cash, stopped by because he said he loved that we were focusing on kindness and wanted to check out our activities.   

    Special thanks to Mrs. Mohorter, Mrs. DiNatale, Mrs. Sciolino, Mrs. Sanbelmo, Mrs. Gresseig, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Kaiser, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Li, Leonardo and Gary Yang, Mr. Lafornara, Mr. Juergens, Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Northrup, Mrs. Riccio, Mrs. Fabi, Ms. Christine from the SPCA, Ms. Gaitrie from Young Audiences of WNY, Tariq from Cold Narly Generation and Makowski's engineering and cafeteria staff. Also, a huge thanks to Paul and Regina on the BestSelf team, our partners at Blue Cross Blue Shield and National Fuel! We couldn't have done this without each and every one of you.

  • On November 13th, Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash paid a visit to some of our Saturday Academies.  Read what Dr. Cash had to say about his time at both Stanley Makowski and Southside Elementary:

    "I had fun at last week’s 6th day of school – Saturday Academy – at Stanley Makowski #99 and Southside Elementary. I met Makowski librarian, Mrs. Riggio, with her daughter and 2 friends from the Iroquois School District who were assisting with a book fair. Mrs. Yan Li, our #99 Mandarin Chinese teacher was teaching 2nd grade student Maqenzie Davis about Chinese culture through mindfulness practice and the art of tea preparation, while dad, Maqeis Davis looked on. Maqenzie also showed me that she could count to 20 in Mandarin Chinese. Teacher assistant, Didria Coleman, who is becoming a teacher through our Buffalo State partnership program witnessed the entire lesson. Thank you to Say Yes and North East & East Zone Leader, Jerrica DeLaney, for
    helping to curate this valuable and varied array of enriching Community School Saturday Academy offerings!


    Cash Makowski SA


    At Southside Elementary School, I met many of the staff who make the building run like a top six days per week! Seen below are: Custodial Team: Jeanne Dunbar, Mike Trautman, Dan Borczynski; AP - Marcus Andersen; “Bella” the therapy dog and her teacher/owner Angela Pal, an ESL teacher at Southside. Bella is her personal dog and is now a certified therapy dog! Also meet the precious Cafeteria Team: Sandy Stachowiak, Stephanie Lavin, Melissa Epollito, Eleanora Mecrio. I am gratified to know our children are surrounded by these lovely, caring adults."


    Cash Southside SACash Southside SA


  • We want to highlight the recent work of The Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo, who organized two very successful vaccination clinics this past month.  In partnership with the Erie County Department of Health, CHW hosted their "Wellness Our Way" events at two of our BPS Community Schools, Bennett High School and International Preparatory School.
    A total of 374 vaccines were delivered to the community between the two events.  These included both pediatric vaccines and boosters.  Beyond the vaccines, a variety of health-conscious activities kept families informed and entertained throughout the events including a smoothie bike, composting information, and a DJ to encourage everyone to keep moving.
    “Let’s keep our community healthy and safe.  Part of it is about the vaccines but its also about lots of other things, right? So we’re dealing with mental health, eating healthy and physical activity,” said Jessica Bauer Walker, executive director, The Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo.
    We want to thank Jessica Bauer Walker and her whole team at The Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo, ECDOH, and the staff at Bennett and IPREP.  
  • The past weekend, the Say Yes Cozy Committee began passing out their annual "Cozy Kits".  During their respective Saturday Academies, the Parent Center Liaisons at South Park, Bennett, Lafayette, and East High School, distributed brand new gloves, hats, scarfs, and packs of hot chocolate in each kit.  Keep up the good the work Cozy Committee!


    Cozy Kits SA

  • BPS Alum and NFL Star Steven Means Gives Back to Community
    This past Saturday, BPS alum Steven Means, in partnership with Tops Markets, donated 300 turkeys to International Preparatory School #198 (IPREP).  During their Saturday Academy, IPREP distributed the turkeys to families throughout the community in preparation for Thanksgiving. 
    Means graduated from Grover Cleveland High School, now the site of IPREP, in 2008.  Since graduating, he went on to a successful career at UB and is currently playing in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons as an outside linebacker.  Means has made a name for himself in the NFL as not only a leader on the field but in the community as well.  As a part of the Falcons Social Justice Committee, Means works towards educating the community on the importance of voter registration.  
    Buffalo Public Schools sends a big thank you to the entire Steven Means Family and Tops Markets for their generous contribution.  Your good will has ensured that 300 families will have a special holiday season.  This is a shining example of what Strong Community Schools is all about.
  • On Saturday, November 20, 2021, the BPS Native American Resource Program hosted their first Native American Resource Program Student Showcase & Social in collaboration with the Lafayette Community High School Saturday Academy. Students, families and community members enjoyed a morning of Native American cultural presentations and activities. Activities included presentations on Haudenosaunee songs, instruments, traditional foods, the Thanksgiving Address and the Three Sisters. The theme of the event was “Giving Thanks”. Students, families and community members learned about the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address and how thanks is given throughout the entire year for all the things we have and for all the things that sustain us.

    The morning also included a presentation on Haudenosaunee songs and instruments where participants learned about Haudenosaunee social songs and the instruments used. Another presentation was offered on traditional Haudenosaunee foods where participants learned how to make fry bread and had an opportunity to try it. The presentation also discussed the significance of the strawberry and participants had an opportunity to try the strawberry drink. Everyone had fun making a corn with pony beads and learning about the importance of corn and the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash). The event then ended with a Haudenosaunee Social filled with singing and dancing.

    The BPS Native American Resource Program has additional events and activities planned throughout the school year. Keep an eye open for more information on upcoming events and activities. We would love to have you join us.