Data and Research Request Information

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  • Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) encourages educational research and data collection to support and inform instructional and administrative decision making. The first responsibility of the district is the teaching and learning that occurs in the classrooms, so cooperation with research must occur with this obligation in mind.

    Research and other data collection activities are subject to procedures designed to:

    • Comply with ethical standards for research in education and with all regulations set forth in state and federal law to safeguard the privacy of current and former students, their parents, current and former staff members, and other participants in BPS-sponsored activities (please see FERPA regulations).
    • Limit interruptions to the instructional program
    • Ensure high quality research practices –the technical competency, feasibility, pedagogical soundness, design soundness, and appropriateness of research and other data collection activities in the BPS setting.


    Collecting Data? OSA Collection Guidelines

    BPS is cognizant of the demands placed on students and staff for data collection activities by state and local agencies and by other research endeavors.

    Approval from the OSA is required before beginning any research that involves BPS district staff, students, facilities, or functions in:

    • the collection of data from students, parents, teachers, administrators, or other professional staff.
    • the observation, individual interviewing, or focus groups involving any of the above persons or groups.
    • the release of private data, non-public, data from the district’s records.
    • the recruitment of subjects for research.


    Data Request Directory: 

    There are many different types of data and reports that can be requested from the Office of Shared Accountability. Each type of research or data collection is subject to specific procedural guidelines. Our data reports are based primarily on exports from NYSED databases, the Erie 1 BOCES/WNYRIC Data Warehouse, and our student information system (Infinite Campus).  

    Reports you request may include:
    • District, School and Grade demographic/enrollment information and limited BEDS data.
    • Examination results may be reported from the New York State Testing Program (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Regents, etc).
    • Literacy and mathematics formative/screening assessments (DIBELS, DIBELS Next, IDEL, CIRCLE, Istation, STAR Math, and in-district benchmark assessments).
    • Student performance results may be reported by district or by specific school. The data may be aggregated or disaggregated by subgroups including Education Types, Limited English Proficiency status, SES (student economic status), race/ethnicity, or particular program type.