All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life.  In today's classrooms, embedding digital citizenship concepts is imperative for children's futures.  Students should understand that good digital citizenship involves using digital tools to do good things in the world.


    Where digital citizenship is taught effectively, teachers have two things in common: They model ethical technology use for their students on a daily basis, and they naturally incorporate conversations about it whenever technology is part of their lesson plan. In other words, they weave digital citizenship seamlessly throughout their curriculum. 


    Digital citizenship should be taught all year, every year.  As a best practice throughout the school year, teachers can feature monthly, grade-specific resources from Common Sense Media that focus on the following themes.  The curriculum is constantly being revised and updated.  We are providing a curriculum map below: 

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    themes by month


     The Buffalo Public School District is dedicated to digital safety

    and ensuring our students are healthy digital citizens.


    → Please print and display the infographic of the month, each and every month. 

  • September: Digital Etiquette

  • October: Privacy & Security

  • November: Digital Footprint and Identity

  • December: Relationships and Communication

  • January: Cyberbullying and Digital Drama

  • February: Digital Health - Media Balance & Well Being

  • March: News and Media Literacy

  • April: Digital Commerce

  • May: Digital Citizenship Project

  • June: Digital Citizenship Project