Technology Identity

  • This page exists to provide you with the various parts of the Buffalo Public Schools Technology Department identity system, as well as basic usage guidance.  All uses of BPS Technology Department identifying markings including the BPS Technology Department logo need to be approved in writing by the BPS Technology Department (If not an employee of the BPS Technology Department). If you wish to use the BPS Technology Department graphics, please let us know where and how you intend to use them.

The Identity System

  • The BPS Technology Department identity is made up of various parts, each with optional variations. The following are examples of key variations.



  • BPS Technology Primary Logo High Resolution Color


    BPS Technology Primary Logo High Resolution Blue

    BPS Technology Primary Logo High Resolution Black



  • BPSIT Secondary Logo Color

    BPSIT Secondary Logo Blue

    BPSIT Secondary Logo Black





  • Alt Logo

    Alt 2


File Downloads High Resolution

  • Click on the file below to download a BPS IT logo in high definition