ExecuTime Training Materials


    Can we still use the call in Number?

    No, that was a part of EmpCenter and Executime does not have that feature.

    Will we be able to use our cards to login?

    As that system was a casualty of the cyber-attack last year, the answer is no.  If we do regain that ability, it would be slightly different.

    How do I reset my password?

    Once logged into Executime, click on your initials in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select reset password and follow the prompts.

    How can I clock in if I do not have easy access to a computer: Mobile Access

    One of the great benefits of Executime is that we can use any mobile device to clock in.  To do so, you will use the URL from the website: https://buffalopsny.aws.executime.com/ExecuTime/Index.do and select Mobile and login as seen below.

     Mobile Login ViewEmployee or Supervisor Selection   Attendance Check In/Clock In View


    Any mobile device can be used,this is to be done from your work site.  

    Is there a Mobile App we can use?

    No, there is not an App but you can shortcut the following URL on your phone:

    I see there is a Time Off Section, will we use that in place of AESOP?

    No, all Teachers, Teacher Aides, Teacher Assistants and Administrators will continue to use AESOP.

    I have supervisor access but cannot see my staff, how do I see them?

    If you look to the upper left-hand corner of the screen, you will see your name with a checkbox next to it, please uncheck the box and then you will be able to access your employees through the links on the left.

    I have requested time off in EmpCenter, will it carry over to Executime?

    Unfortunately, it will not, we ask that you re-enter any requests already made into Executime.

    What do I do if an employee comes in on a day requested off?

    If an employee has come in on a day they previously requested off, please go to Manage Time Off, select that request(by checking the box to the left) and click on ‘Reset to Pending’, by doing so, this allows the employee to cancel.