Change Your BPS Password Using Clever

Students - BPS users must reset their passwords.

Password Reset in Clever BPS Staff
  • Students in grades 3-12 should reset their passwords on Wednesday, April 20th or Thursday, April 21st. Please see the attached directions. CAI has approved teachers using English/Reading classes to complete this process. Please follow any building procedures that your administrative team provides if they differ from this suggestion.  Please make sure to set aside time for students who do not have an English course. Passwords must be 10 characters long and it is suggested that students use passphrases, a series of words or a short sentence, rather than random letters. Clever badges can be printed to assist any students who may have difficulty remembering the new passwords.

  • After you complete the password, reset your password, it may take approximately 10 minutes for the new password to synchronize across all systems. You may not see any change at first, but after the time has elapsed, you may be prompted to reauthenticate or sign-in to various applications with the new password.


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