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Student Technology Leadership Program

  • STLP Program Model


About STLP

  • The Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) is a multi-tiered program for students in grades 3-12.  The program utilizes the energy and technology-related expertise of students to empower them to become partners with teachers and other school staff to transform our schools.  Student Technology Leaders inspire, empower, and collaborate with teachers and other school staff to help transform the learning experiences of students through the use of technology. 


    The program:

    • Provides students with unique professional development learning and paid internship opportunities
    • Ensures digital equity; providing underserved students the opportunity to excel as they learn how to use technology skills to help support change in their school
    • Amplifies student voice, leadership, and school and district level involvement
    • Ensures the development of core 21st-century skills
    • Prepares students for future workplaces


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    Grades 3-4 apply here

    Grades 5-8 apply here

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