NPCS Homeroom Parent

homeroom parent

What is a Homeroom Parent

  • If you served as a HR parent during a previous school year (THANK YOU)!

    We rely heavily on our Homeroom Parents to assist in communicating school reminders, functions, and feedback between our families and NPCS.

    During the 2022-2023 school year, there will be a districtwide implementation of the Homeroom Parent Representative Program. Our primary goal for this year is EVERY class has a commitment from one parent to voluntarily serve as a homeroom parent representative and one to serve as an alternate. The role of the representative is to communicate information about school/district activities and events with all other parents within their homerooms. The alternate will serve when the representative is unavailable. Information sharing may be conducted via phone calls, text messages, social media, email, flyers, etc. A couple examples of what the Homeroom Parents assist with are creating a private parent FB group (this is used to share reminders about upcoming due dates or events), organized play dates, organized teacher celebrations, and much more.

    A Homeroom Parent Representative Meeting will convene in early Fall to provide expectations and guidelines to all identified Homeroom representatives and alternates. Please watch for communication from our Parent Engagement Liaison for details if you are the Representative or Alternate for your child's class. 

    Please ONLY complete this form if you would like to serve as a Homeroom Parent Representative or Homeroom Parent Alternate.

    The school will be in communication with the selected individuals who volunteer for these roles in the end of August.