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    Logo designed by Matthew Edmiston and Alex Magee-Fredrick Law Olmsted HS #156-March 2020 


    Welcome to the Division of Special Education.


    Please take notice of the logo in the letterhead above which was created by two of our students. Clearly stated in the logo is the motto, “Anyone can achieve success, given the right environment to grow.” These are words we live by in the Division of Special Education. We are committed to ensuring that each and every student is provided with the environment (supports and servcies) needed to be successful.


    Communication with parents and families is a crucial component to ensuring that success. We believe it is our responsibility to provide families with information and materials which will assist them in making informed decisions about their child. We value our relationship with our families and know that teamwork will lead to student success.


    There is much valuable information provided in this welcome packet including contact information for staff and a link to a video library with information on many topics. Visit the link to our welcome packet often as we will update information, add more videos to the library and add additional information to the packet regularly.


    We look forward to working with you to provide your child with many opportunities to grow. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.




    Kim Hoelscher and the Division of Special Education