• Special Education Year At-a-Glance

    After a student is found to be eligible for an Individualized Education Plan several events are expected to occur every year.

    1. Annual Review  

    Annual Review (AR) - held on or before the anniversary date of the IEP. The annual review must take place before the end date for the IEP to ensure services can continue

    No consent required

    - Review of goals & strategies for the following school year

    - Adjust frequencies to services and modifications based on progress and need.

    - Unable to go more   restrictive on the continuum

    - Unable to add any additional services for which an evaluation is required but not completed 


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    1. Progress monitoring - the process of evaluating progress toward a performance target, based on rates of improvement from frequent (usually weekly or biweekly) assessment of a specific skill.

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    1. Procedural Safeguards - protect the rights of children with disabilities and their parents. These safeguards include the right to participate in all meetings, to examine all educational records, and to obtain an independent educational plan (IEP) of the child.
      1. The Procedural safeguards will be mailed to you once per school year.

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