Student Clubs

  • Students in grades 3 and up are able to sign up to participate in student clubs. These clubs take place during student lunch once per week. 

  • Club Name



    Healthy Kids

    Mrs. Fruehauf

    Exercise activities (yoga and stretching) plus healthy eating habits

    Kindness Café

    Mrs. Plotner

    Learn about differences and why we should embrace and accept. We will play games, have discussions, and explore kindness.

    Art Club

    Ms. Minor

    Different arts and crafts activities

    Board Games

    Mrs. Husted

    Play different board games to build good sportsmanship


    Mrs. Foglia andMs. Lewis

    3rd and 4th grade students for school leadership

    Student Technology Club

    Mrs. Towey

    Technology trouble shooting and create presentations

    Black Girl Magic

    Ms. Lewis

    Empowerment and self-confidence

    Green Club

    Mrs. Foglia

    Discuss different challenges in the environment and how we can help improve our community

    Sports Club

    Mr. Metzen

    Learn about and develop in different sports