Enrichment at NPCS

Students creating a narrative based computer program
  • Enrichment with Mr. Geyer

    2nd and 3rd graders meet daily for inquiry-based instruction using hands-on project-based learning. In other words, the students and teacher work together to create questions the students want to answer and challenges the students want to solve.  

    The lessons and activities are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) themed, which means we focus on one or more of these subject areas in synthesizing  products that reflect the process, as well as each student's creativity and what they learned along the way.  

    The projects are generally open-ended. While there might be a “wrong” or less correct conclusion when it comes to something requiring precision like writing computer code, the journey is the focus of Enrichment, not the destination. 

    So far this year, 2nd graders have created solutions to a number of Fall and Halloween themed challenges, like designing a device to help maneuver in the dark, and designing a birdfeeder that keeps out squirrels. They’ve also sent messages using Binary Code and have made connections from the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs to Grace Hopper, the Queen of Computer Coding. 

    3rd graders also studied Grace Hopper and created code. They then created Sculptures that use a type of visual code to describe themselves. Currently, they are creating the components of an imaginary planet using ordinary objects and recyclable materials while learning about terraforms and the interactions of weather, plants, and animals within a biosphere. 

  • Analog Narrative Based Programming


    Coding a Sculpture