Compendium 2022-2023

  • The Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) Compendium of community-based student support in schools is comprised of a wide array of agencies, faith-based institutions, and organizations that provide one or more of the following support to students and families in the following areas:


    • academics
    • attendance improvement
    • Health and wellness 
    • social/emotional wellness
    • enrichment
    • college exploration/readiness
    • family support (parents and caregivers)


    The Compendium is organized by school and outlines each provider’s program and partner organizations. Community-based partners are essential to meeting the needs of the Buffalo Public Schools’ neediest children and families, as noted in the Education Bargain. While this document reflects how the organizations focus on providing various levels of student and family support, we continue to work to strengthen relationships between these organizations and the district to ensure the alignment of services for students and families. The organization’s outcomes and deliverables will be essential in increasing the impact these services have on student success.


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